Nachtmahr joins Faderhead, VAC and Psyclon 9 industrial supergroup

Four of the EBM / industrial / aggrotech scene’s best known performers have decided to form an industrial supergroup after they stumbled across a satirical article on the internet that claimed they were forming an industrial supergroup.
The group’s formation appears to have its roots in a satirical story published in August 2013 titled Faderhead, Velvet Acid Christ and Psyclon Nine form supergroup. The story claimed the front-man behind each band — Sami Mark Yahya, Bryan Erickson and Nero Bellum respectively — had formed an electro-industrial supergroup called Misunderstood Industrial Artists (M.I.A.).
According to the article, the name reflected a common sentiment experienced by each artist over many years of being an industrial music artist. For example, Psyclon 9’s Nero Bellum told of the many years of painful misunderstanding that resulted from a botched chest tattoo.
“I’ve had my share of misunderstandings, just like Bryan and Fadey,” Bellum is quoted as saying in the fictitious article. “The “Ubermensch” tattoo on my chest is a perfect example. I asked the tattooist to write “Tumor Wrench” on my chest in those big black letters but he got it all wrong, so that’s how I ended up with this tattoo instead," he said.

The 'artwork' for the new 'album'.

Although the article clearly identified itself as being satirical, the idea has nonetheless been enthusiastically embraced by fans.
“It says that it is already out. Where can I listen to it? Spotify?” enquired one fan on the official Velvet Acid Christ Facebook page. “So the article says your cd is out now. Where can I find a digital copy” said another.

Indeed, so positive was the reception that it prompted Nachtmahr front-man Thomas Rainer to personally call Faderhead's Sami Mark Yahya.
“If ever there was a misunderstood industrial musician, it would have to be Thomas Rainer,” says Yahya.
“I was just there, hanging in a club, when I suddenly get this phone call from Thomas Rainer. He told me he wanted to join, but I was apprehensive at first because I wasn't sure if he knew what hanging with Faderhead was all about. But then he started to get really emotional and told me how Misunderstood Industrial Artists finally made him realise that he wasn't alone. That made me think. Maybe I can hang out with this guy?"
Rainer elaborates: “Fans may recall that my Nachtmahr Facebook page was taken down early this year. This was such a shock to me. How was I meant to know that my stage show and wardrobe were emulating this so-called ‘totalitarian’ aesthetic? People have so got the wrong idea about me. I’d never even heard of those ‘swastika’ things until after the account was closed. I mean, this symbol is banned in Austria so how would I possibly known what one looks like? Some people like camping and fishing and others like fast cars or motorbikes. Me? I just happen to like military uniforms and armbands. I don’t do it for attention, it’s just who I am and what I like. Especially if there are nekkid hot chicks involved and they’re like totally making out.”

Misunderstood… by Misunderstood Industrial Artists is out now.

Note: yes, it’s satirical

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