Spreading Mustaine

So Dave Mustaine from Megadeth has reportedly endorsed Republican candidate Rick Santorum. The man behind two of the greatest thrash metal albums of all time, and who sang and riffed about serial killers, alien conspiracies and the despicable state of music censorship, is now getting behind a presidential-hopeful made infamous from a nasty Google bomb that likened his surname to a by-product of anal intercourse.

Not a by-product of lube and fecal matters. Although his detractors might argue against that.

The full story can be found all over the web, but suffice to say that it started with one political activist who — wishing to get back at Santorum for making anti-gay comments — started the spreadingsantorum.com site which led to the Santorum association retaining its colourful top Google ranking.

Would it work for metal? Is an endorsement of a traditional enemy of metal by one of its elders worthy of its own association? Would spreading Mustaine or spreading Ulrich go far?

Then there’s the real nutjobs. Vikernes (Grishnackh?). Benton. Darken.

I’m currently lacking the energy to think of some sufficiently humorous definitions.

Suggestions on a postcard please. Our you could leave comments below.

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