Blackness in metal

Is this the best worst classified of all time (click the image for the link — and no, that doesn't seem to be a stock image)? I don't know if this is true or not. Or maybe it is true and someone's taking the piss. So far, it seems to be a real classified, but I haven't been brave enough to contact the owner. This would make for a funny, funny prank call. It practically tells itself.

This actually reminds me of this gem from some years ago. The caller (rumoured, after this did the rounds, to be from a hardcore outfit... the name escapes me) is clearly hamming up the fact that he is black. He is calling 'Joe' in response to an ad to join a black metal band. The humorous exchange predictably goes back and forth about what is "black" as in "dark and evil" to which the caller exclaims, dammit, that he is "dark and evil"! And so on. The astonishing part, though, is near the end, when Joe, having earlier listed Burzum, Darkthrone, and Mayhem as the kind of bands he likes, reveals that he's not overly badass and in fact "lived in the suburbs" as "an only-child".

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