KSHEEPV006: Not the DJ Producer’s best work

I own at least half a dozen releases from Australian dark drum and bass label Killing Sheep Records. This record label has put out just over a dozen quality vinyl releases over the years, as well as a handful of CDs. Most of them have been excellent but I hate to say that this release — featuring a track apiece from The DJ Producer and a Greek producer called Throttler — are my least favourite of the crop.

The DJ Producer / Throttler ‎– Obituary / Validation

It's because I bought the test pressing, right? An 'official' version would have sounded much better.

KSHEEPV006, to use the vernacular, is the Killing Sheep Records release in my collection that gets played the least. This is despite the fact that it features the relatively very well known (among hardcore techno and gabber circles) DJ Producer. Both provide hard, dark drum and bass tacks almost verging on breakcore. They’re fast and heavy with plenty of sudden changes in tempo and feel. However, I felt they come across as being somewhat excessive, with too much noodling and self-indulgent programming. It seemed to be less about making standout music. It’s hard, dark, intense and in your face — but not memorable.
If these tracks were on a compilation or randomly appeared on my playlist then I’d be fine with that. I’d probably stop what I was doing to see who released this track, and then I’d probably forget who produce the tracks and get back to what I was fapping, sorry, I mean doing.

If this style of music is your cup of tea then I salute your for it. But personally, I don’t feel they are terribly strong tracks worthy of a release on vinyl records, especially considering the strength of the rest of the rest of the Killing Sheep Records discography. The name The DJ Producer is certainly an attractive craw card and hopefully there are truer fans than myself (I own at most four or so releases that feature DJ Producer material) who will appreciate it. However, this is a release that just doesn’t get me excited.

But as I said, if this is your cup of tea, then go for it. And while you’re at it, keep supporting Killing Sheep Records, even if they don’t seem be  releasing records any more.

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