I like the bit where Metallica’s James Hetfield says “Yeah”

There are people who kind of don’t mind a band. They’re the “oh, I like a bit of everything” sorts when asked what they’re into.
There are fans of a band. They say things like “oh man, they were totally awesome” when asked about how last night’s gig went.
And then you have fans. They’re the sort of people who get your band logo, album art and ever the faces of band members tattooed on their bodies. They might follow your band around from city to city, fearlessly crossing countries and continents, always in the front row, with Deadhead-like devotion.
Or in this case… they might first locate Metallica lead singer James Hetfield’s every known utterance of the word “Yeah” on all official (full length?) studio releases, and then proceed to make a mash-up track composed solely of said vocal. As occurred with this (you’d think) Metallica fan right here.

Says it all.

Yes. That really is a continuous soundbyte of Metallica’s James Hetfield saying “Yeah”. It’s ridiculous in every way, which is what makes it awesome. Because it goes for more than three damn minutes.
Metallica are the world’s most successful heavy metal band so it’s hardly surprising that this has been doing the rounds and in just two days managed to clock up 33,000+ listens. With that sort of attention it may not be around for much longer before it gets shut down.
But did you know that this isn’t the first time a well-known heavy metal act has had its vocalist’s “Yeah” count scrutinised, let alone quantified? Check out this detailed report going back at least 10 years where someone counted the number of times White Zombie lead singer Rob Zombie utters that word on the White Zombie albums La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. I and Astro-Creep: 2000 — and then proceeded to divide that number by each individual song’s length, thereby coming up with the White Zombie YPM count. You know, the White Zombie “Yeahs Per Minute”. Like, seriously, what else could it possibly be?
Now that’s a true fan right there.

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